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In order not to go back to ancient times, let’s talk about the last 100-130 years.

But first, it is necessary to remember – again and again – that the doom of the Armenian people begins in the siglo XI of our era, when the Turkic-Seljuk tribes invaded for the first time Armenia, already at that time with a millenary history on its back as an indigenous people – and as a State – of Asia Minor. One look at the maps of the Roman Empire says it all. On the way to the Colosseum in Rome there is a giant mural, in front of which it is well worth stopping and seeing the place that Armenia occupies in the Roman world.

This clarification is worth since there are many attempts by Turkey to distort history and proclaim itself the “original people” of the region, that is, of the Armenian plateau of Asia Minor: the kingdom of the Great Haik that today we call Historical Armenia.

That said, the second clarification is no less important: the policy of emptying the native population, that of “Armenia without Armenians”, It starts from those first Turkish invasions. The harassment and oppression caused by the settlement of Kurdish and Turkish tribes of all kinds have a clear objective: to modify the existing demographics and to stimulate the migration of Armenians from their historic homeland.

Already in contemporary times, between 1894 and 1896 the the first mass extermination of the Armenian population of their ancestral territories occupied by the Ottoman Empire. More than 300,000 Armenians are victims of the massacres of Sultan Abdul Hamid, “the bloody” monarch of the time, who claims to give a “lesson”To Armenians fighting for their rights. The “international community” – euphemism that to this day is used to name those who concentrate power on a world scale – echoes the massacres and the Western press dedicates some columns on the inside pages …

Under the rule of the Young Turks in 1909, history repeats itself in Adaná, with the massacre of more than 25 thousand Armenians. In good Italian, it is the “general test”Of what will come six years later. Once again, the “international community” and the press take notice … and keep silent.

The coup de grace began in 1915. The Genocide marks a before and after in the history of the Armenian people. Two other indigenous peoples of Asia Minor, the Greeks and the Assyrians, are also victims of the same Genocide that lasted until 1923, under the command of Mustafa Kemal. The “modern” Republic of Turkey was founded that same year, founded –literally- on the corpses of these peoples and the usurpation and confiscation of their historical heritage, the individual and the collective. In the following decades, the same policy is applied against the Kurdish population and the harassment of the Christian minorities continues to this day: the Basilica of Hagia Sophia, a universal Christian symbol, has just been converted into a mosque. Of course, covering the images of the saints, just in case …

Azerbaijan is not far behind

In order not to go back to the conflicts with the Tatars – as the Azerbaijanis were called at the beginning of the 20th century – Baku’s oppressive state policy towards the Armenian population of Artsakh during the Soviet period is an unquestionable fact. The same happens in the historically Armenian region of Nakhichevan, ceded in turn by Stalin to Azerbaijan. Today there are no Armenians left. They have been evicted or forced to abandon their lands. Nor are there any traces of his thousands of stone crosses in the Djulfa cemetery … Everything has been deliberately destroyed so as not to leave traces of Armenian civilization.

The Azerbaijani response to Artsaj’s legitimate right of self-determination in 1988 is the massacre of Armenians in Baku and Sumgait. Then, the attacks against the civilian population during the 1991-1994 war. Today, since September 27, the projectiles have fallen again against the Armenian population of Stepanakert and Shushí. And one more time, against cultural and religious heritage: the symbol of Shushí, the church of Gazanchetsots (San Salvador) has been bombed again as in 1992, while the three mosques of the Persian period in that city, not only remain intact but are in the process of conservation and restoration.

The “international community” is afraid to clearly raise its voice against the Turkish-Azerbaijani barbarism and refrains from condemning the war crimes and crimes against humanity perpetrated by its armies and mercenaries.. Today as yesterday, political and economic interests prevail over humanitarian issues. With few exceptions, the world press makes no effort to present events as they are. He hides behind a suspicious supposedly “impartial” attitude of presenting the events, without clarifying who is the aggressor and who is fighting for his self-defense.

And except for exceptions, great powers don’t call things by name: Artsakh and Armenia are waging a survival fight against Turkish officers, drones and planes; against international terrorist mercenaries in the pay of Ankara; against Azeri army military equipment that Israel continues to sell to Baku; against the complicit silence of the West – which continues with its millionaire contracts for the sale of arms to Turkey – and against a tepid Russian position that now intends to impose a truce, after 13 days of death and destruction. Position of direct non-intervention that so far Moscow justifies with that of “Artsakh is not part of the Republic of Armenia …”

The President of Armenia and the Prime Minister have done well to repeatedly point out to the international press that the Armenian people today face the threat of a new Genocide. And very aptly to remind you too, that We are no longer the deportees on the way to Der Zor. That we are willing to defend our right to exist and live in our ancestral homeland. And that Artsakh recognition as an independent Republic and subject of international law, it is an urgent necessity.

With this aggression, Turkey and Azerbaijan once again show that their history and present are nothing more than a set of criminal records. That they are repeat offenders because they enjoy impunity. That impunity that has given them the same hand that arms them in exchange for petrodollars and gas pipelines.

Ricardo Yerganian
Former director of the ARMENIA newspaper





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