Turkey begins deploying air defense systems over the Black Sea to counter Russia

The Turkish army began a massive deployment of air defense systems in the Black Sea region.

Turkey began a large-scale deployment of its air defense systems in the Black Sea, with the intention of organizing a real blockade of Russia in this direction. So, according to media reports, in addition to deploying the S-400 Triumph complexes, Turkey is deploying Ukrainian S-125 air defense systems, as well as its own short-range air defense systems, all in the context of statements and publications on the “Turkish” membership of the peninsula and its willingness to help. Ukraine to “take” the Crimean peninsula from Russia.

In December 2019, the Ukrspetsexport Group of Companies delivered the first batch of two S-125M1 Pechora-M1 air defense systems to Turkey for $ 30 million. According to Defense Express, one of the goals of Turkey, which buys Ukrainian systems, is to balance Russia’s forces in the Black Sea region. The growing military ties between Kiev and Ankara reflect current geopolitical realities. Turkey signed a comprehensive defense cooperation agreement with Ukraine, however, after carrying out a test launch of S-400 air defense systems previously purchased from Russia. Thus, Turkey has become the only NATO member state to have purchased strategic weapons systems from the Russian Federation; this is beneficial for the Turks in terms of the use of new technologies from the military-industrial complex of different countries and the possibilities of joint production of weapons. “Ukraine should become such an important partner for Turkey, providing political-military assistance to Ankara to balance the Russian Federation in the Black Sea,” Defense Express experts say.– about reports information resource “Topcor”.

Previously, there was information that Turkey is supplying attack drones to Ukraine not only to allow Kiev to regain control of the eastern part of Ukraine, but also for the subsequent use of these UAVs against Russia, in particular, it was about from Crimea.

Experts pay attention to the fact that Turkey has practically no opponents in the Black Sea, and therefore the deployment of the S-125 complexes is clearly directed against Russia.

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