Turkey bombs northern Iraq again

Turkey, as part of its interference in northern Iraq, bombed various PKK centers in the Iraqi province of Erbil this Saturday.

Turkish warplanes have launched airstrikes against Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) targets in the Brados area, in the Sidekan region of Erbil province, southern Iraqi Kurdistan semi-autonomous region.

Turkey and the PKK have been waging a bloody war for more than 40 years that has left large numbers of deaths on both sides.

The shelling has reportedly caused damage to natural pastures and forest fires in the region. At the moment, local media have not reported fatalities.

In recent years, Turkey has carried out various ground military incursions into the Iraqi border strip with Erbil province, in addition to its frequent aerial bombardments throughout the area.

Last June, Ankara launched a military operation called “Tiger Claw in northern Iraq against suspected PKK targets. This operation is currently ongoing despite the fact that Iraqi officials have repeatedly condemned the attacks, calling them occupation.

The Iraqi government has demanded an end to these bombings and demanded cooperation to guarantee security on its border with Turkey, where tension remains high due to the presence of Kurdish guerrillas who are also persecuted by Ankara in neighboring nations.

Baghdad has also demanded that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) adopt urgent measures to stop the attacks of its neighbor Turkey, a country that went from a foreign policy based on the premise of “zero problems with neighbors” to one consisting of there is no neighbor with whom he has no problems.

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