Turkey lifts restrictions on foreign tourists

Turkey, which has been locked in since April 26, has decided to exempt foreign travelers from the country from the curfew. The lockdown will last until May 17, 2021 to prevent an increase in corona virus infection in the country.

Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Mohamed Nouri Erzoi promised to exempt foreign visitors from the 24-hour curfew. Foreign visitors can perform their functions if they have their passport. Public transport will continue to operate at 50 percent of its capacity. The main museums and historical sites in 9 cities, including Istanbul, Antalya, Mula and Newhir (Cappadocia), remain open to foreign visitors during the closing period. According to the original schedule, the country will host two major events, the UEFA Champions League final on May 29 and Formula 1 on June 11-13.

During the lockout, the accommodation facilities will continue to serve their customers within the hotels, including the dining rooms. Other eating facilities, such as restaurants and cafes, will continue to operate for delivery and transportation services only.

Turkey continues to invest in the “Safe Tourism Certification Program”, one of the world’s first and most successful examples in this field, which guarantees “strict health and safety measures” in tourist destinations, accommodation and airports. The country also offers additional insurance services that offer a variety of benefits, including medical and travel insurance.

According to the new COVID guidelines, all travelers to Turkey arriving in India within the last 10 days must be subject to a mandatory 14-day isolation upon arriving at a location designated by the Governor. On day 14, they will undergo a PCR test and if the test result is negative, the isolate will be removed. Passengers 6 years and older must present a negative SARS COV 2 certificate within 72 hours prior to departure. Turkey is taking all measures to ensure a safe and healthy tourist destination by 2021, and it will be the best choice as a safe travel option for foreign travelers.

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