Turkey rejects a ship that exported 895 cows from the port of Cartagena

The cattle ship ‘Kharim Allah’, of the Lebanese flag, which left the port of Cartagena on December 18 with 895 cows, has been rejected by Turkey despite complying with inspections of the Animal Health Service.

After sailing for two months to unload in various ports, The ship will dock again tomorrow in the Escombreras dock after having carried out all the authorization procedures and procedures by the competent authorities.

The animals, whose health status was verified, arrived in Cartagena in trucks from the Region of Murcia, Andalusia, Catalonia, Castilla-La Mancha, and Castilla-León. Among the crew of the ‘Kharim Allah’ are shepherds and health personnel who can attend any veterinary aspect of the cattle.

The Cartagena Port Authority recalls that they were the first in Spain to incorporate a specific regulation for this type of traffic and obtain authorization to ship live cattle. In addition, it ensures that all livestock exports are carried out under the Animal Welfare regulations in force in the European Community.


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