Turkey sends military to Azerbaijan to demining recovered territories

Istanbul, Nov 30 (EFE) .- The Turkish Ministry announced today that it has sent military teams to Azerbaijan to assist its army in demining the territories recovered during the war with Armenia, which ended three weeks ago.

“Explosive ordnance clearance and demining teams from the army have started to support the Azerbaijani armed forces in the regions liberated from Armenian occupation,” Defense said in a tweet.

“The teams will carry out mine and explosives clearance work and will also train Azerbaijani units,” the message concludes, accompanied by a photograph with military personnel in protective uniform and demining tools.

The war between Azerbaijan and Armenia concluded on November 11 with an agreement whereby Armenian troops withdrew from various areas bordering the Nagorno Karabakh territory, which they had controlled since the early 1990s.

Ten days ago, Azerbaijani forces entered the Agdam region, in the northeast of Karabakh, and five days ago they also deployed in Kalbajar, in the northwest, after the Armenian troops withdrew.

Russia, the mediating power between the two Caucasian states, has sent nearly a thousand soldiers to Karabakh to guarantee a ceasefire.

Turkey has asked to participate in this peacekeeping force on the ground, a request backed by Azerbaijan, but denied by Moscow.

At the moment, only the participation of the Turkish military is envisaged in an observation center that will be established in Azerbaijan, far from Karabakh, and that will operate remotely with technological means. EFE

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