Turkey will send a ship to the eastern Mediterranean to conduct a seismic study

It is feared that this step could reignite the country’s tensions with Greece, a NATO ally.

The Turkish Navy issued a notice informing that the Oruc Reis ship will carry out a seismic study in the eastern Mediterranean during the next ten days, reports Reuters.

According to the Turkish authorities, two other ships, the Ataman and the Cengiz Han, together with the exploration ship Oruc Reis, will continue work until October 22 in an area that includes an area south of the Greek island of Kastellorizo.

Greece and Turkey agree to resume exploratory contacts in the eastern Mediterranean after escalating tensions

Turkey and Greece have overlapping claims for hydrocarbon resources in the region. The foreign ministers of both countries met last week and agreed to hold bilateral talks on the disputes.

Tensions escalated in August after Ankara sent the Oruc Reis and two support vessels to conduct seismic exploration in disputed waters of the eastern Mediterranean, a move that Athens called illegal.

Last month, Ankara withdrew Oruc Reis from the disputed waters to “allow diplomacy” ahead of a European Union summit. Brussels, in turn, said it would punish Turkey if it continued its operations and unilateral actions in the region. Ankara rejects what it considers to be counterproductive sanctions language, although it welcomes the initiative to hold talks.

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