Turkish GP – Sainz and Norris sanctioned in Turkey in chaotic qualifying

The # 55 confessed in his statements at the end of the classification that he hoped that the stewards would take into account the adverse conditions in which the track was found, with really low visibility, but has finally been sanctioned as well.

What could go wrong for Carlos Sainz in the return of the Turkish Grand Prix to the Formula 1 calendar 9 years later turned out worse. If the Spanish McLaren driver confessed as soon as he got out of his MCL35 after the qualifying session that they expected a bad result in advance due to ineffective heating of the tires, the rain and excess bitumen on the asphalt only made the situation worse which he had to face.

To add insult to injury, in addition to falling into Q2, Sainz was involved in an involuntary struggle with the RP20 by Sergio Pérez, who ostensibly complained on the radio about a voluntary impediment, at least for him, by the McLaren driver. After listening to both parties involved in this scuffle, the FIA ​​has chosen to sanction Sainz not so much for the obstruction, but for ignoring the warnings that the team gave him on the radio at that precise moment.

“Car # 55 was coming out of the pits while car # 11 was passing through turn 1. Car # 11 caught up with car # 55 in turns 2/3 and was unnecessarily hindered by it at that point and in several of the following turns. While the extraordinary track conditions had an impact on this situation, the team communications by radio they clearly warned car # 55 that car # 11 was behind “, reads the text in which the FIA ​​communicates the penalty of 3 positions on the grid and 1 point on the driver’s license.

Minutes after Sainz was sanctioned, the FIA ​​imposed an even more serious sanction on his teammate, Lando Norris: 5 positions on the grid and 3 points on the license. “The telemetry of car # 4 shows that he decelerated in the sector with a double yellow flag for car # 6 (Nicholas Latifi), but on completing the lap this turned out to be his fastest lap in Q1,” they specified on this occasion.

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