Turkish man sentenced to 1,000 years in prison for sexual exploitation

Adnan Oktar, 64, is a preacher, writer and television producer from Turkey Renowned for his programs on Islamic values ​​in which he danced and sang with large groups of young women and men whom he called his “cats” and “lions.”

According to the Turkish news agency ‘Anadolu’, Oktar was sentenced to 1,75 years in prison for being the founder of an organization in charge of recruiting women.

Also, the crimes of sexual abuse, fraud, espionage, armed assault, kidnapping, torture, organized crime and he is blamed for collaborating with the terrorist organization Fetullah, which is credited with an attempted coup in Turkey, in 2016.

The 30th Istanbul Court also sentenced 236 defendants, who were acting under the preacher’s orders.

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Among these are Tarkan Yavas and Oktar Babuna, executives of Oktar’s organization. The former received 211 years in prison, while the latter was sentenced to 186 years.

Oktar was detained by the Istanbul Police in 2018. Then, during multiple hearings in the case, he made headlines because of the controversial claims he made regarding the sex crime allegations.

On one occasion, he said that he had more than a thousand girlfriends and that he had an “overflow of love” for women. One of his victims revealed that after sexually abusing them, Oktar forced them to take birth control pills.

In fact, authorities found about 69,000 of these pills when they confiscated his house and other properties.

In response, the preacher stated that he used them to treat skin disorders and menstrual irregularities.

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According to the Turkish media ‘Daily Sabah’, the Public Prosecutor’s Office accuses Oktar of leading an organization in charge of recruiting young women since the late 1990s. They were abused and tortured there. In addition, the entity pointed out that it threatened to publish intimate videos if they denounced and manipulated them with religious pretexts.

In 1980, he was arrested, accused of forming various student groups planning a revolution. However, he was acquitted of the charges. He also spent a time confined in a psychiatric hospital.

Later, he began to be recognized for his anti-Darwinian theories in which he states that the Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution it is the root of global terrorism. He also preached anti-Semitism and denied the Holocaust.

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and many other famous terrorists clearly say that they have been under the influence of Darwin. Without Darwin, terrorism is almost impossible, ”he said in an interview with the BBC in 2010.

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In 2011, he founded the channel ‘A9tv’, in which, in addition to his religious speeches, he spoke about his theories and showed his extravagant lifestyle.

The preacher also wrote several books under the pseudonym Harun Yahya, which have been translated into more than 70 languages, according to his website.

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