TV viewers slamming Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford’s “council house” commentary this morning

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes were in crisis today with the wrath of fans after commenting on public housing.

BTI presenters angered a number of viewers, some of whom threatened to boycott the program.

Ruth, 59, and Eamonn, 60, were discussing retro ideas about Valentine’s Day meals with chef Angela Hartnett when the irreverent comment was made.

Angela was introducing her shrimp cocktail menu, steak and fries and black forest cake, and Eamonn has never had enough.

“I could go to a restaurant and if they served it, that’s exactly what I would like to order,” he said.

Spectator “boycott” of the spectators this morning after the comment of the “council room” of Ruth and Eamonn

Ruth added: “The gateau was on the sweet cart, wasn’t it?”

It was Eamonn’s next comment to anger viewers.

He said, “Where my wife goes’ you’re such a boardroom.”

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“I’m not saying that,” Ruth replied quickly. “You invented it.”

Eamon then went on to say that Angel Delight was missing from Angela’s menu.

Viewers quickly criticized Eamonn’s comment.

One said: “I live in a council room thank you and I am very proud of how much I have arrived thank you. Don’t judge people in public housing. “

Another said, “Disgusted by telling Ruth about” oh, that’s the council house. “Who does he think he is!

“Just because you live in a boardroom doesn’t mean you’re different from anyone else.”

A third rages: “What’s wrong with living in a boardroom? What a snob, I’ll never watch a Friday again!”

A fourth published: “Eamonn is going to get Ruth in trouble with that council house comment.”

Another agreed: “Eamonn will be in trouble to say that Ruth calls things so” council house “Not very cute Ruth.”

This morning it airs on weekdays from 10:00 on ITV.


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