Twitter suffers on the stock market after suspending Donald Trump’s account

Since suspending the account of the outgoing president of U.S, Donald Trump, Twitter shares have not stopped falling on Wall Street, where this Tuesday, January 12, 2021 they lost 2.37%.

The drop adds to another even greater than that experienced on Monday, January 11, when fell more than 6%, with investors concerned that the Trump’s expulsion may reduce interest in the platform and lead many of its followers to abandon it in favor of other alternatives.

Despite the strong setbacks of these days, the twitter quote it remains at a relatively high level, with a price of USD 47.04 a share thanks to the escalation that took place in 2020.

The social network, which last March reached about USD 22, coinciding with the outbreak of the covid-19 crisis in the United States, it surpassed USD 55 in December, a level not seen since early 2014, shortly after it went public.

Twitter announced last Friday the permanent suspension of the @realDonaldTrump account, which had more than 88 million followers and had become the president’s great public speaker.

The company, which had temporarily blocked the bill after Trump justified the assault on Capitol on the part of his supporters, he decided to make a permanent veto due to the risk of “a greater iincitement to violence”After new messages from the outgoing president.

The movement has generated a hello to criticism of Twitter among the conservatives of U.S, who denounce an alleged censorship by the platform, which for years refused to censor Trump’s tweets – even when spread conspiracy theories or incited the hate– considering that they were in the public interest, given his status as president.

Recently, however, the social network began to tag the president’s tweets with warnings that his messages contradicted official facts or data, especially regarding the results of the November elections, which Trump refused to acknowledge for two months.

Your decision to lay off the account of United States’s president has also sparked an important debate about the power of large technology companies in conducting public speaking.

Facebook, which last week also announced an indefinite blockade of Trump’s account, ended the session on Tuesday with a drop of 2.24%, after having lost 4% the day before.


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