Two dead and 6 injured after acrobatics at the blogger’s pool party are terribly wrong – World News

Two people were killed and six others injured after being poisoned at a well-known birthday party by a Russian blogger.

Dry ice was thrown into a swimming pool, leaving party attendees with acute carbon dioxide poisoning.

Some guests also reported that they suffered chemical burns when the stunt – designed to create a “steam show” – went terribly wrong.

The revelers Natalia Monakova and Yuri Alferov, both 25, have been confirmed dead on the scene.

The party was for blogger Ekaterina Didenko, who celebrated her 29th birthday.

He was among those in intensive care after 25 kg of dry ice – used in theater productions and as a cooling agent – had been thrown into the swimming pool.

He had to create a dramatic “visual effect” to impress guests in the Moscow swimming pool and sauna.

The mother of two Ekaterina is a popular Instagram blogger with a million people following her account

Ekaterina published: “I am alive, I am behind the doors of an intensive care unit.

“I don’t know who died … Valya (husband Valentin) is in intensive care, I don’t know what state she is in.”

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and produces heavy steam when immersed in water.

The vapor can cause high levels of carbon dioxide in the blood when released in a poorly ventilated area.

The husband of blogger Valentin is among the injured

The organizers wanted dry ice to create an “impressive steam show” while party guests jumped into the pool.

But as soon as the ice was spilled, people started to pass out.

Reports have reported that Natalia Monakova and Yuri Alferov died of pulmonary edema after breathing excessive carbon monoxide.

The mother of two Ekaterina is a popular Instagram blogger with a million people following her account who provides advice on medicines for home use.

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Highly qualified pharmacist, he gives advice on how to keep the medicine cabinets at home more streamlined and effective, also sharing intimate moments in his life.

In some videos she is seen filming chemical experiments with her young daughter.

A large crowd of the couple’s friends were seen clinking their glasses moments before the tragedy in southern Moscow.

The Russian investigative committee confirmed that criminal proceedings were initiated to result in death through negligence.


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