The two people found Saturday after a fire in a house in Southeast Washington was set Sunday and the police said they were victims of murder. The two were identified as Joseph Burgess, 60, Southeast and Regina Bowman, 50, or Southeast. One family member said that Burgess lived in the house where he was found in the 3300 block of Ely Place SE. It was unclear whether Bowman lived there. The police said that autopsies determined that each died as a result of murder. The decision of the medical researcher brought the number of deaths caused by homicide in the district to four during the weekend. That brought the number of massacres in the city to five in the first six days of the new year. Moreover, Sunday night was seriously photographed. No cause of death could be learned for the victims found after the fire. On Saturday, a Fire Department D.C. spokesperson said that they "might have suffered injury prior to fire." Firefighters were called on Saturday at 6.20 am to the house with gable roof on the corner of Ely Place and 34th Street. Fire was reported in the basement and on the ground floor of the house with one floor. The flame was brought under control about an hour later. In what seemed to be an unusual coincidence, a smaller fire was reported in the same time in a house around the corner on D-Street. On Sunday there were no causes for fire. The son of Burgess was reached by phone on Sunday and called him a generous man with "a loving heart", who was loved by family and friends. If people said they were in distress, Burgess would make sure you had it, said the son, Joseph L. Burgess. Once, he said, his father had worked as a civilian employee of D.C. Police. He had been living in the Ely Place since 1987, the son said. He said he knew nothing about what would have led to the murder. Reached by telephone, Regina Bowman's mother said she was not ready to talk about her loss. The location of the fire is near Greenway, near Minnesota Avenue.