Two people were killed in an accident in West London in an accident.

A police-trailed car got lost on the wrong side of the A40 lane and hit a coach on Sunday at 9:00 pm.

A man and a woman in the pursued car were declared dead at the scene and a second man in the vehicle was taken to hospital for treatment.

It is not known how many passengers were on the bus, but no further crashes were reported near the intersection of Kingsdown Avenue in Acton.

Met police responded to reports of a major burglary in Harrow, northwest London, around 8:40 pm on Sunday.

There followed a pursuit with a police helicopter. The Met said that the police cars did not follow when the car they were following was driving on the wrong side of the road.

Scotland Yard said that the Directorate for Professional Standards and the Independent Policeman's Office (IOPC) had been notified of the incident.

Last month, the IOPC investigated four different deadly police car-related incidents across the UK over the course of a week.

PCSO Holly Burke was killed on January 22 by a suspected bankrupt driver who was persecuted by police in the West Midlands. A 26-year-old refugee from Eritrea died after being hit by a police car. A 999 call in East London the same day.

Jessie Whitehead, 74, was on a scooter when she was caught by a flagged patrol car on January 23 for an emergency in Warwickshire. 18-year-old Paul Radcliffe was killed by a car the police had not stopped Leicestershire on January 19.