Two men were detained on Monday as part of the investigation into the alleged racist incidents that caused the suspension of a qualifier for the FA Cup on Saturday between Haringey Borough (7th Division) and Yeovil Town (5th). division). The two men, aged 23 and 26, are in police custody in Somerset (southwest) police station, where Yeovil is located, detailed the Metropolitan Police, in charge of the investigation.

The players of both teams had left the pitch

They are suspected of racist aggression. The players of both teams had left the field while there was still about 25 minutes of play after Cameroonian goaltender Douglas Fajetat and defender Coby Rowe were attacked by Yeovil fans. Projectiles had been thrown, spit, and racist slurs against both players, after a penalty kick had been whistled for Yeovil and converted for the opener.

"I went to take the ball in the goal after they scored the penalty and a Yeovil player was trying to calm the fans," Coby Rowe told the Daily Mail newspaper. "I was with him, to tell them to calm down and they started being more aggressive and throwing stuff, throwing insults, etc … This is where I heard a racist insult (… The supporter called me 'black con', "he said.

The match will be replayed

Very angry, the player was held by stadium stewards and Haringey coach decided to bring his players back to the locker room, followed by Yeovil. After a few minutes of discussion, the Yeovil players decided to stand in solidarity with their opponents and the match counting for the 4th qualifying round for the FA Cup was definitely stopped. Monday, the English Federation, which also launched an investigation, decided that the match would be replayed on October 29 in Haringey.

The problem of racism in stadiums is still relevant at all levels of competition, Manchester United confirmed Monday that one of his supporters was expelled from Old Traford during the match against Liverpool Sunday for uttering racial slurs. "We view the investigation of this incident as a priority for us," said a spokesman for the club to the British agency PA.

The vast majority of English clubs have a very strict policy on this kind of behavior and they do not hesitate to ban the fans for life when the facts are proven. This incident had a strong impact in England, a few days after the qualifying match for Euro 2020 Bulgaria-England was briefly interrupted twice for racist shouts coming from the stands and targeting English black players.