Two patients with COVID-19 reported


The Health Ministry said the link is being investigated. There are also 5 deaths in Chubut among them, a man from Trevelin # Mirá

The Chubut Ministry of Health announced that this November 21 5 people died including a Trevelin man, while the new patients confirmed of COVID There are 211 in the entire province, and 294 recovered from the day.

COVID: Trevelin reported the death of a patient

At Esquel program area they reported 2 new cases in the town of El Hoyo.

Confirmed cases in the province of Chubut

Eighty-seven in Comodoro Rivadavia- Rada Tilly: thirty (30) during Detect operations; twenty-five (25) with a link and the rest under investigation. One (1) is health personnel.

Seven in Sarmiento, four (4) with epidemiological link and three (3) under investigation.

Five in Rio Mayo, with research nexus.

Thirty-five in Puerto Madryn, twenty-three (23) with a link and twelve (12) under investigation.

Fifty-four in Trelew, forty-one (41) with nexus and thirteen (13) under investigation.

Sixteen in Rawson, nine (9) with a link and seven (7) under investigation.

Five on Gaiman, with epidemiological link.

Two in the hole, with research nexus.

Report of deceased on the day of the date:

Two deaths from Comodoro Rivadavia, an 87-year-old woman and a 73-year-old man. Both with comorbidities.

A deceased from Trelew, an 84-year-old male with comorbidities.

A deceased from Puerto Madryn, a 58-year-old man with comorbidities.

A deceased from Trevelin, an 81-year-old male with comorbidities

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