The Island Brewery has announced that two of its beers have won the Country Winners in the World Beer Awards badge categories at the World Beer Awards.

Earl's RDA, their flagship beer and one they are very proud of, with all the money it has been donating since its first brew for the very worthwhile Mountbatten thing, was a winner. The other was her new beer, Victoria of Wight, which Wightlink had commissioned for her flagship Victoria of Wight.

A spokesman for the brewery said: "We can not be happier or more proud to represent not only the UK, but also our wonderful little island again and equal two country victories in an extremely tough competition.

"We thank the guys in the brewery, Chris and Ashley Coleman and Tom Leman for their continued hard work and attention to detail, ensuring that no bad beer leaves the house and we are able to consistently bring back international award-winning ales deliver again. "