Tyrrell Hatton is known for his good humor and when he was forced to retreat during the second round of the Italian Open, the observers were worried about the rogue causing the loud noise in the gallery and expected the full treatment of Colin Montgomerie.

However, when Hatton wanted to engage in an affair, he noticed that the offender, who emerged with a bang from the Portaloo, was none other than his partner, Emily Braisher.

"Is that you?" He called. This is my fiancee, you deposed me – you should be ashamed! "

Unlike his image between the ropes, Buckinghamshire Ryder Cup player Hatton is one of the most relaxed and self-deprecating characters in the locker room.

"Yes, it was Emily," Hatton said with a big smile. "Apparently the toilet door was stiff. But it was right in my back – I told her the wedding was over! "

Hatton parried the 11th hole on the way to a 69, which took him to five under the pace given by English compatriot Matt Fitzpatrick. As a former winner of the Italian Open, this is a big week for Hatton, 27, in Rome.