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Anthony Joshua labeled heavyweight rival Tyson Fury a ‘waffler’

Anthony Joshua labeled heavyweight rival Tyson Fury a ‘waffler’

Tyson Fury will use the services of the homonymous Jacob “Stitch” Duran in his rematch against Deontay Wilder to prevent a repetition of the terrible rift that marred his last fight.

Fury overcame a bad cut above his right eye to spotlight Otto Wallin in September which initially looked like he could stop plans to fight Wilder again.

But Fury has recovered and will compete for Wilder’s WBC heavyweight championship on February 22 in Las Vegas, 14 months after fighting for a draw.

Tyson Fury suffered a cut in his last fight

Tyson Fury suffered a cut in his last fight

Eddie Hearn, who promotes Anthony Joshua, reacted to Fury’s victory over Wallin: “He is very fortunate not to lose the fight with that cut. I think any other country in the world would have stopped the fight.”

Fury sets off on a rematch with a new manager, Sugarhill Steward, and will rely on renowned Duran to prevent another mid-fight crisis.

Duran described their connection as “an honor”.

American veteran Duran has forged a career working with some of boxing’s biggest names, including Wladimir Klitschko who was rebuilt by Emanuel Steward, the Hall of Famer and the uncle of the new Fury coach.

Tyson Fury has overtaken Otto Wallin

Tyson Fury has overtaken Otto Wallin

Duran explained his unique job to Sky Sports two years ago: “A doctor stops a fight when a fighter is at a disadvantage. My job, first of all, is to eliminate any disadvantage. My job is to give them another round.

“I focus on the cut and look into the eyes of a fighter – if I notice that he is unable, then I make recommendations [to stop] the coach. You have to make decisions in seconds.

“My job is not to give instructions but usually when I say something, the kids know there is a lot of truth.”


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