Tyson Fury's devoted wife today tells how she bravely hid her baby with heartbreak to protect the troubled boxer from comeback.

The 28-year-old Paris suffered a miscarriage the following morning following her husband's victory over Albanian Sefer Seferi in June.

The urge to tell her husband about her loss must have been overwhelming.

The devastating Paris knew, however, that the news could break him just as he won another important fight in his life – against the mental health suicidal thoughts.

"I was about eight weeks pregnant," she says. "On the day of the fight, I knew I had lost our baby.

"I did not mention it to Tyson before he went into the ring. Immediately afterwards I told him and the next day we went to the hospital and it was confirmed. "

But the couple, who already has four children, should soon calm down in his grief.

"Five weeks later we got pregnant again – and now our new baby, a boy, is due in March. We were still dissatisfied with our loss, but at the same time we were overjoyed. "

Tyson Fury with his wife Paris

Five months later, millions of fans were thrilled last weekend when 6ft 9in Fury made a comeback. He beat the count in his LA fight with heavyweight world champion Deontay Wilder to draw. Many experts claimed Fury should have won.

But Paris was not surprised. She has seen first-hand how her husband fought hard and hard in the ring.

And today she tells the insider story about his two years of hell before she was officially diagnosed with a mental illness. Two years of depression, booze, drugs and suicidal thoughts that left him in the rut.

Mum of four Paris dealt with it daily. And almost came out of the house.

"But then I thought you were giving a bail to someone you love? Let them deal with it yourself and make them crash and burn? "

"Tyson never stopped with me and the kids, and we did not stop with him.

"We are together and go through it together as a team."

Tyson beats Deontay Wilde in the seventh round during the WBC heavyweight championship in Los Angeles this month

Paris decided to talk to the Sunday Mirror about our award-winning Time to Change mental health campaign.

She traces the origins of his problems back to Wladimir Klitschko's win in November 2015, when he won all three heavyweight world championship titles.

"After that, he was almost depressed right away. I could see the next day that something was wrong. He did not speak as he is now, a normal happy person.

"It was like he was done. He had finished boxing and it was over. He said, "I will never surpass that." The ride was not there anymore. Something else had taken over. "

Confused, Tyson turned to alcohol and sometimes to Class A drugs.

Paris says: "First he celebrated and we go out together. Then he started alone.

"He came back and said," Oh, what's the point? It does not mean anything. Nobody appreciates it. "

He hid his illness from his children

"He had begun to say he was depressed and" What's the point in life? "I said to him," The purpose of life is to get up and live and enjoy it. "But nothing was ever enough."

As Tyson's illness worsened, his weight rose to 28 stone. "He did not even want to get up in the morning, go jogging or go out as a family," she says. "He was never happy.

"The times he was outside became later – 1am, 2am, 3am – and then he came home angry and depressed – and when things got worse, in tears.

"He was in a major depression. He did not see the meaning of life.

"I would say," You have children for whom you can live. They have to live for us, "and he would say," But I just do not want to live. "

"It was the stage where I, his father and his brothers would call each other and said," Is he healthy today? "We were essentially suicide watchers."

Then Tyson turned to the drugs. "I had no idea he was there at the time," says Paris. "He regrets it now, but he did it in a dark room.

"For everyone else, it did not seem that bad. He would hide it from the outside world and the children. He smiled for her,

"But I saw and heard it every day. I was there when he cried, screamed and called. "

As their relationship grew more and more tense, Paris, also from a traveling family in Doncaster, South York, moved closer to the 500,000-pound house in Morecambe, Lancs.

Paris spoke with the Sunday mirror

She says, "I said to friends and family," I can not stop what he does. "But I was worried about what would happen if I left, so if you're there for each other, it's better to go through it by yourself."

Paris believes the watershed came after Tyson arrived within seconds of his intentional crash of his Ferrari in October of last year. She says, "He came home with all the tears and told me he was seriously ramming the car off the road. I felt hurt for him, but I was not shocked.

"I think there were a few times that he felt that way. I said to him, "It is unacceptable to do such a thing".

"He was very upset and cried, but everything seemed to lift from there. I think it had come to the point where he had to make a choice. "

Days later – on Halloween – the star suddenly decided to stop drinking and declared he would return to the ring.

"That night he drank in a skeleton costume," says Paris. "But he came home at 10 pm and said, 'I do not want that anymore. I do not want to be out there. I walked around the bar feeling like an idiot.

Then he went upstairs, took off the costume and said, "I do not drink anymore. I start boxing again. "And he did it."

Tyson with the referee after being knocked down during his fight against Wilder

Tyson began his full-time education and the couple's fourth child, born in Valencia last year, was born on 4 December. To Venezuela (9), Prince John James (7) and two-year-old Prince Tyson Luke (7).

"It was really hard for him to get fit again," says Paris. "When he ran for the first time, he came back and said," I can not walk at all, I can barely walk. "I watched him train and lose, it's amazing what he did."

Tyson finally found the courage to seek help from doctors and find the cause of his problems.

Paris says, "They sent him for consultation. He left alone, but he would come back and talk to me about it. He was prescribed as an antidepressant, but never took it. The most important thing was to be diagnosed. I would advise anyone to do the same.

"Now he talks about his mental health. He told me, "If I can help a person, I'm happy, I do not want anyone to go through what I have."

"He had two years in the gutter and fought against himself. Now he has again defied the odds. "

She remembers last weekend's epic fight: "It was the worst experience ever. I've seen Tyson go down in some of his previous fights, but he's usually set up right now.

"It was the first time it looked like it was going to stay down, but he hit the count and stormed straight in. I went to the locker room and hugged him and said," Do not let me go for a minute. "

And now, hopes Paris, Tyson has also defeated the numbers in his head forever. "I'm just so happy to see him again, what he's doing," she says. "I have my husband back."

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