Ubisoft acquires GameBlocks to help detect cheating in online games

Nobody likes cheating, and especially big developers like Ubisoft, who just acquired Gameblocks through its subsidiary i3D.net to help make cheat detection in online games easier and faster.

Gameblocks has been around since 2012 and specializes in both anti-cheat technology and performance monitoring. Their software to combat cheating is called Fairfight and it is implemented at the server level, so players do not need to install any software. In addition, it operates in real time and uses the patented GameChanger system to “evaluate the actions of the players so that the game is fair for all“.

“My entire team and I are delighted to join i3D.net and the Ubisoft family. We will continue to support our existing customers and look forward to enhancing Fairfight’s capabilities so that it remains the most flexible, efficient and transparent trap detection service in the industry. “stated GameBlocks CEO Greg Howard.

From the company they assure that the program has already been tested in different titles such as Battlefield V, Rainbow Six Siege, The Division y Star Wars Battlefront II. That said, we’ll see in the near future if GameBlocks’ Fairfight has a positive impact on Ubisoft games when it comes to detecting cheaters.

Will GameBlocks help clean online games of cheats? Ubisoft puts all the chips

Source: Engadget

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