UCR Trelew statement after the storm on Tuesday

There is a lack of investment in public works infrastructure that causes the flooding of streets and flooding of homes in different neighborhoods of the City of Trelew.

It is well known that in the last 10 years no improvement works have been carried out, nor maintenance works; to the point of observing the neighbors in these last hours, uncovering drains to clear water from flooded streets and from entering their homes.

On the other hand, we point out the lack of predictability on the part of the Municipality, since it did not carry out any type of contingency plan in view of the forecast of the meteorological alerts reported in advance.

Today, the streets of Trelew are in a dire state, both asphalted and gravel, and even gravel and demarcation are missing in some more vulnerable sectors. To this is added that the sinks are without maintenance, especially at this time of year when leaves and branches naturally obstruct the passage. Also, the permanent control of the main drainage channels of the city, such as the Muster and Owen, which are periodically clogged with garbage of all kinds, becomes necessary.

We receive the expression of great discomfort on the part of the residents of different neighborhoods of Trelew, who pay their taxes, some even in advance, and do not see their contributions reflected in the places where they live. To this, we add that the lack of elections in the Neighborhood Associations prevents such aspects from being worked together and in an organized manner.

It is for all the above that we request:

  • Preparation of a Contingency plan for meteorological alerts.
  • Permanent maintenance and cleaning of sinks and drains.
  • Permanent maintenance and cleaning of rainwater.
  • Improvement of streets and drainage systems.
  • Work on awareness and sanction through an ecological Police for the responsible treatment of garbage.
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We continue in times of a Pandemic, so we should live in a city that healthily meets the necessary conditions for the well-being of citizens.


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