UFC legend Jon Jones was arrested for gun charge and DWI in Albuquerque

UFC star Jon Jones has been arrested for aggravated DWI and negligent use of firearms, according to reports.

MMA Fighting acquired a record of arrests for the 32-year-old light heavyweight champion from the Albuquerque police on Thursday morning.

Arrest records revealed that the legend of UFC Jones was collected by the authorities immediately after 1:00 am local time in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

According to booking information on his records, ‘Bones’ has since been released from police custody.

Credit: MMA combat
Credit: MMA combat

TMZ reports that local police responded to reports of gunshots in the Albuquerque area around 1 am.

And the Albuquerque police arrived on the scene to find the light heavyweight champion “inside a 2019 jeep with the engine running and the car in the parking lot”.

According to the publication, officials claimed that the American MMA fighter “appeared intoxicated” and “conducted a sobriety test on the field, which he allegedly bombed”.

TMZ states that Jones appeared to have “bloodshot” and “watery” eyes, as well as saying he “smelled of alcohol”.

Jones reportedly took a breathalyzer twice and was beyond the legal limit on both occasions.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

The police also searched his vehicle and found a black gun along with a half-empty tequila bottle, which was in the passenger seat.

Jones, who has also been booked to own an open container, has now set the date for the arbitration court on April 9.

The UFC legend was previously in hot water after being arrested for drunk driving in 2012 and found guilty in DUI.

Jones crashed his Bentley into a telephone pole while in New York state.

Former UFC fighter Ben Askren tweeted after Jones’ arrest: “For my life I can’t understand why he doesn’t hire a friend and pay him $ 50k a year to be his driver.”


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