UK Army tests jetpacks to fly like Iron Man

Although Tony Stark stopped selling weapons in the Marvel movie universe many years ago, in real life he somewhat seems to continue to inspire military tactical gear. Or so we thought after seeing this British Army officer flying like Iron Man.

The Royal Navy of England is beginning to test jetpacks to use in missions at high sea, with the intention of being able to quickly board boats in the middle of the ocean. Members of the Navy and the British company Gravity Industries have published a series of videos recorded during their tests, which they carried out for three days. The company founder (who is also the head of the test pilots) and 42 members of the Royal Navy participated in the tests.

In the videos we can see how a pilot takes off from a small boat and flies, like a comic book character, to the royal Navy patrol ship HMS Tamar, boarding it in a matter of seconds. It is something that seems to come out of a science fiction movie, the kind that Tom Cruise stars in, but instead, it is a completely real scene.

The team carried out many tests before the pilot took off into the air, and they consider these first experiments to have been a success. Each jetpack is priced at about $ 430,000 to change, and it is not yet known exactly when they plan to deploy them into active service in the real world, or if they are determined to do so.[via[víaMashable]


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