UK could infect healthy people to advance its vaccine

The rush to find a vaccine to stop the pandemic of coronavirus and speed up clinical trials have prompted the UK to negotiate with the biotech group Open Orphan to deliberately infect healthy patients and create strains of the virus. This has been assured this Friday by the British company that, if it reaches an agreement with the Government, it would have to obtain the ethical and safety approval of the regulators to carry out this study.

“We are in talks with numerous parties, including the UK Executive, around a Covid-19 challenge study, and once any of those contracts is signed, we will make an announcement,” said the CEO of the company. , Cathal Friel, in statements collected by Reuters. However, the Boris Johnson government declined to comment.

This research would be carried out at the Royal Free Hospital in London and would be developed by the pharmaceutical firm Hvivo, which has asserted that the work will be carried out “under the scrutiny of highly trained scientists and doctors.” In addition, it is endorsed by Imperial College London.

The idea of ​​infecting healthy people raises controversy

This initiative poses a moral dilemma that is always found with supporters for and against. Those who agree to use healthy people for research say that it is a way to shorten the process and to test vaccines on thousands of volunteers who lead normal lives, has explained the aforementioned medium.

And they insist that these tests are strictly controlled and, once the patient is infected, he is isolated and monitored to buy the effect of the vaccine.

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Critics, on the other hand, point out that deliberately infecting someone with a disease that has killed more than a million people in recent months and for which, moreover, there is no effective remedy is unethical.

Some 2,000 volunteers sign up for this human challenge

Despite the controversy, there are already approximately 2,000 people who have signed up as volunteers to carry out this trial, it has reported Business Today. Volunteers who previously participated in hVIVO’s influenza trial studies received compensation of up to 3,750 pounds (almost 4,130 euros).

However, any test of the tests known as “human challenge” must be approved by the Regulatory Agency for Medicines and Health Products. Also, it will not start until the pharmacist has completed the preliminary phase.

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