UK invests £ 150million to save forests and develop agriculture

The UK recently launched new funding worth £ 150 million to protect 2.1 million hectares (ha) of African, Asian and Latin American rainforests, creating thousands of green jobs in these regions and fight against climate change, underlines the press release of the British government.

This new fund is being implemented as part of the UK Government’s Forest Finance Mobilization Program for businesses and other investors who support sustainable land management projects, protect forest regions and rural communities particularly vulnerable to climate change. climate change. This fund is expected to generate nearly £ 850 million in private investment in fine.

« Projects that could benefit include those that promote transparent supply chains and implement deforestation-free standards, helping around 600,000 smallholder farmers and food producers to integrate forest protection into agricultural production. », Indicates the press release.

Thus, the new jobs created target the agriculture, food and technology sectors, which will be the major beneficiaries of this project. Investments should be made in environmentally friendly projects such as sustainable production of nuts, coffee, and crop diversification to protect soils.

This project will eliminate nearly 28 million tonnes of carbon emissions from the atmosphere over the next 15 years and improve the quality of life of nearly 600,000 people living in tropical forest areas. Note that this funding incorporates the UK’s commitment to international climate finance worth £ 11.6 billion, of which £ 3 billion over the next five years to protect nature and forests.

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