Floods occurred throughout the country, houses were evacuated and a woman from Derbyshire was murdered after being swept by the storm. Annie Hall, former High Sheriff of Derbyshire, was named a victim of the violent storm after being swept away by the floods and drowned. His body was found at Rowsley.

Up to 100 flood warnings remain in place while emergency services are struggling desperately to evacuate those who are in high-risk areas.

The North Midlands and Yorkshire recorded about half of the November average precipitation just Thursday.

Sheffield had 47.2 mm of rain.

More rain is expected tonight, which could possibly add to the 117 flood warnings already issued by the Environment Agency, which issued an orange warning for torrential rains .


One hundred flood warnings remain in place amid a Met Office warning (Image: WXCHARTS)


A violent storm has seen parts of the UK submerged (Image: GETTY)

The chaos in travel continues to plague not only the north and the Midlands, but also the southern part of the country, which has experienced a week of constant chaos due to weather conditions.

A landslide in Hook, Hampshire, caused delays and cancellations for South Western Railway commuters worsened this weekend as line closures resulted in bus replacement services in the rain .

Northern Rail asked customers yesterday not to use some of its services because the floodwaters are preventing Network Rail from managing the lines.

The network issued "Do not Travel" advice to customers on multiple routes, with severe flood closure lines between Sheffield and Gainsborough, Sheffield and Lincoln, and Hebden Bridge and Manchester Victoria.

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A cold front arrived with more risk of rain (Image: GETTY)

He has posted the warning on his website where he details the current status of his railway services.

Meanwhile, residents in Scotland are experiencing heavy snowfall. Many roads are currently impassable. Snow plows are needed to clean the streets.

Yesterday morning, the residents of Sheffield had to be rescued from a shopping center tucked into a flood-flooded area that prevented them from going out.

Meadowhall announced on Twitter that its Christmas event was canceled Thursday evening.

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Emergency services are desperately fighting to evacuate people in high-risk areas (Image: GETTY)

But those who had gathered for the event had to spend the night in the center until the emergency services managed to contact them the next day.

Finally, in Mansfield, a mudslide caused the evacuation of 35 houses.

Although the rain stops in the next 48 hours, it will pave the way for even more extreme weather conditions.

Great Britain will be hit by freezing temperatures in the coming weeks following the arrival of an "Arctic epidemic" crossing the jet stream.


Boris Johnson visited the area last night (Image: GETTY)

A cold front arrived with more risk of rain but also a sudden fall in temperatures.

And the new shock weather charts now show a huge risk of snow in much of the UK.

The graphs show that snow is brought in by an Arctic weather front, which is expected to hit Britain on Wednesday.

The west coast, Wales and Scotland will be the first affected, with the central areas facing snow during the night.


Mr. Johnson took a night trip to Derbyshire (Image: GETTY)


The snow was announced this week and the next (Image: EXPRESS.CO.UK)

Then, on Thursday, the charts show the cold weather front towards London and other eastern regions on Thursday morning, hitting the regions under the snow.

The other NetWeather charts show bitter winds blowing across Britain in the middle of the week when all regions are struggling to exceed zero degrees.

The forecast of snow for next week follows a high probability of dust formation this weekend. The Met Office now warns of "the snow on the northern heights Saturday".

Although rain continues to wait until next week, the Met Office has indicated that temperatures in most parts of the country will not exceed 8 ° C (46 ° F).

Aidan McGivern, meteorologist at the Met Office, commented on the weather next week. A "repeated shock of epidemics in the Arctic" will head to the UK, causing a drop in temperatures.