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The British Government launched this Thursday (14.01.2021) the campaign Can I speak to Ani? against gender-based violence for which victims can discreetly find help in pharmacies using that code name.

“The program Ask for Ani (Ask for Ani) will allow people in danger or who suffer violence to discreetly inform that they need help, “the Government explained in a statement. This program is especially aimed at victims” isolated at home with their abuser and unable to get help in any other way, “he said.

“A qualified pharmacist will then provide the victim with a private conversation space to understand if they need to speak to the police or want help from the gender violence hotline,” London explained.

Currently 255 independent pharmacies and 2,300 stores of the pharmaceutical company participate in the program Boots and registrations are still open. “At a time when we must once again ask people across the country to stay home to fight coronavirus, it is vital that we take steps to protect those for whom home is not a safe space,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quoted as saying in the statement.

Working in a pharmacy “is not just a drug issue, it’s a patient issue,” said Mark Lyonette, president of the national association of pharmacies. “The alert mechanism Ask for Ani it is a discreet and subtle way to help some of the most vulnerable people in our society, “he added.

The government plans to run a four-week “focused” and “low-key” advertising campaign, especially on social media, to spread the code name and “make sure victims know how to ask for help.” During the first confinement in the United Kingdom – from mid-March to mid-June – one in five complaints registered by the Police in England and Wales – more than 250,000 – referred to gender-based violence, according to the Office of Statistics Nationals (ONS), an increase of 18 percent compared to 2018.

ama (afp, the telegraph)


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