UK plans to ban fossil fuel car sales by 2030 | Chronicle

UK could soon ban the sale of combustion engine cars. The media Financial Times and the BBC They assure that English Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce the ban in 2030, five years before the most recent proposed goal and a decade earlier than initially planned.

Hybrid vehicle sales will continue until 2035, but pure gas (gasoline) and diesel vehicles would quickly disappear from dealerships.

The advance date is reportedly intended to stimulate the electric car market and help the UK meet its climate targets.

In this line, the government would be willing to spend £ 500 million (around 660 million dollars) in the construction of infrastructure to charge electric vehicles in the country.

The announcement could come next week, although there is a possibility that Johnson will report that the ban will only come in 2032.

Car manufacturers probably won’t be happy with the news. Previously, brands Honda Y Toyota they were shown to think about a future of electric vehicles.

Honda argued that even banning hybrid cars would be too limiting, while Toyota warned that it could reconsider its investments in the UK if there is a ban on hybrid cars.


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