UK Public Health Expert Criticizes Racial Differences Report ‘Shortcomings’

An investigation into racial disparities used outdated references and markedly underestimated the impact of structural racism on health outcomes, said the leading authority on the United Kingdom in public health, a further blow to the credibility of the much-criticized report.

Sir Michael Marmot, who led pioneering work on health inequalities in 2010, which was updated a decade later, said that while there was “many good things” in the chapter of the report on public health, he was concerned about “Deficiencies” in your approach.

Marmot said the report from Downing Street, The Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities (CRED) It did not consider the 2020 update or a subsequent study it led on the structural factors behind the different Covid results.

Marmot also criticized the report’s claim that health inequalities should be seen as a result of factors such as deprivation and poor housing rather than ethnicity.

These social conditions “Are themselves the result of inequalities and long-standing structural racism”, he pointed.

The report’s focus on disparities due to social class was only part of the story, Marmot argued.

“There are differences in health between races that are not fully explained by class, and therefore racism must play some role. In short, these two problems may overlap, but they are not the same «, explained.

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