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Today, the Italian and foreign media, with the hypocrisy that distinguishes them, on World Press Freedom Day, have completely ignored, with some exceptions, Julian Assange, the Australian publisher of WikiLeaks who in recent years has been to blame for inform the world public about US-NATO war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Assange is rotting in a maximum security prison in London, UK, locked up with dangerous criminals, in precarious psychological conditions with only one hour of air a day being granted. However, he risks extradition to the United States with various charges of espionage, where he could be sentenced to over 175 years in prison.

This morning the ‘Italians for Assange’ Committee, on the day when the Italian media and beyond, should have been totally dedicated to the Australian publisher, organized and held, in Rome, in Piazza del Popolo a demonstration to demand the liberation of ‘activist.

The organizers reiterated that “free information is the balance of democracy and if it is gagged our ability to access information is limited”. They also recalled that “Julian Assange is an icon who has revealed the misdeeds, the crimes of the rulers of the world and for this he is paying a very high price.” Among other things, they denounced that Assange is being held “not in China or Russia but in a prison in a country, the United Kingdom which until recently was part of the European Union”.

Regarding the space that the Italian media have dedicated to the initiative for Assange and his figure, just look at the time (21; 42) of publication of the video of the Ansa agency: a shame, at the end of the day dedicated to Freedom of Information, for not bothering someone …

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