In the space of a few weeks, this is the second incident to have occurred in Windsor, mourning the death of Prince Philip. Two people managed to reach the interior of Windsor Castle. Quickly arrested, the two intruders fortunately caused no clashes or disturbances.

According to The Sun, two Londoners, a 29-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man, were arrested for trying to break into the Windsor residence on Sunday April 25 when part of the family was present.

Determined to meet the royal family, they scaled the wall, using a ladder, to infiltrate the Royal Lodge estate, located in Berkshire, and wander the garden for a long time before being caught. by the guards.

It is a place the Queen often occupies to walk her dogs or go horseback riding. She also goes there to attend Sunday mass.

A few days before, a woman had pretended to be the fiancée of Prince Andrew, son of Elizabeth II. She was reportedly greeted with great fanfare before being arrested by the on-call team while visiting the residence. As a result of this deception, the 40-year-old was interned in a psychiatric hospital.

Through Joyce Adiahenot