It looks like a weekend as the UK expects two weeks of rain today – and the miserable conditions are just beginning.

The British will be inundated with showers for the next fifteen days, while the Met Office is also planning new waves of rain and wind up to November 9 across the UK.

A long-term forecast indicates that, if drier, clearer periods are likely as of October 26, they will also bring more frost and fog overnight in early November.

The northern regions of the United Kingdom, including northwestern England and Scotland, as well as Wales, will be hit by the worst showers of today. .

It can fall to 2.8in rain and rural areas are on alert in case of flooding and perilous road conditions.

Met Weather Map of Saturday

Met Weather Map of Sunday

A spokesman for the Met Office said: "The rain will continue to occasionally touch parts of southern England and the far south of Wales.

Elsewhere, scattered clear intervals and scattered showers, the most frequent and the most abundant in the north-west, Frisquet in the north-east.

"Saturday, rains continue in the south of the country, reaching parts of central England for a while, it is cool, the northern areas will be clearer with scattered showers more frequent in the north-west. .

"From Sunday to Tuesday, it will often cloudy with rains or showers in the central and southern areas, but will generally be brighter with isolated showers in the north.The rain and stronger winds arrive Tuesday from the day before." Where is."

There are nine flood alerts in place today, most of which are in the Southwest. The Environment Agency has also issued another severe flood warning for Winford Creek in Chew Magna, Somerset.

Waves breaking on the wall of Dover Harbor, Kent, in stormy weather

A man watches the waves crush on the wall of the port of Dover, Kent, today.

Waves were photographed crashing against the wall of Dover Harbor in Kent during storms.

As of October 16, there is a risk of coastal gale in the northwest with rain or showers sometimes cementing the theme of unstable weather.

There will often be wind, especially in the north and west, with gales in some places.

The southern and eastern parts will generally be a little drier and temperatures should remain near average for this time of year, although the temperature may sometimes seem colder in wind and rain.

There is a risk of frost or fog during the night, which would be slow to emerge.

The Canterbury Pride P & O crushes under the waves when it arrives at the Port of Dover in Kent

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Towards the end of October and November, the Met Office said that "variable conditions could well dominate".

This will bring other periods of wet, windy weather with drier and brighter periods. At night, frost and fog will become widespread.

The west of the UK will be wet and windy and temperatures will be mild during the day and cool at night.

The spokesman added: "The first signs for mid-November indicate a return to frequent rains and strong winds moving from west to east".