UK variant of Covid could be 70% more lethal: experts

According to an investigation by the British government, the UK variant of Covid-19, which is present in Mexico Y U.S, among other countries, it could be between 30 and 70% more lethal than the original virus.

Last January, scientists found that there was a “real chance” that the variant were more lethal, however, the British government did not publicly announce the findings at the time, instead posting the document on a government website on Friday.

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In the new report, which is based on about twice as many studies as their previous assessment and includes more deaths from Covid-19 cases caused by the new variant, experts note that it is likely the british strain is related to an increased risk of hospitalization and death, collects the New York Times.

The british variant, which is already in more than 80 countries, including Mexico, could be the dominant strain of the Covid-19 in the United States for March, according to American scientists.

The new study of UK points out that people infected with british variant they are more likely to develop a greater severity of the disease compared to people infected with other variants of the virus.

“Government scientists relied on studies that examined a small proportion of the deaths in general, which made it difficult to determine how much greater the risk associated with the new variant may be, ”says the New York Times.

But new and increasingly robust studies on which scientists relied indicate that the british variant it could be 35 to 71 percent more deadly than the original virus, it adds.

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The British government document collects studies from different universities on the UK variant of Covid-19 and notes that while the analyzes showed comparable increases in the rates of lethality, all were based on the same data sets and were therefore subject to similar biases that reduce the level of certainty of the findings.

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“The more recent analyzes have added a broader range of data sets and have been able to control for additional confounders, increasing confidence in the association of the british variant with a greater severity of the disease, “says the document.

“Based on these analyzes, it is likely that infection with british variant is associated with a higher risk of hospitalization and death compared to the original virus infection ”, he highlights.

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