UK weather forecast: Met Office warns of freezing fog as it is colder than Iceland

A blanket of freezing fog is likely to wreak havoc while traveling as temperatures continue to plummet across the British.

The Met Office has implemented a yellow weather warning for fog until 11 am on Tuesday, with a strong possibility of delays or cancellations for flights.

Night temperatures have dropped to -6 ° C in parts of the United Kingdom, below the Icelandic capital Reykjavik at 0 ° C, with the feared winter cold showing no signs of softening.

Fleets of grinders fought to keep the roads safe while police advised motorists to “crawl” on icy mornings which become a common occurrence.

Fog is expected to cover the UK this week with temperatures dropping to -7 ° C

Public Health The mid-range cold weather alert in England remains in effect until 18:00 tonight, with health managers urging people to prepare for cold weather and keep an eye on the people most at risk, especially the elderly.

BBC meteorologist Susan Powell said yesterday it was sunny, “the prospects for the next few days seem increasingly boring” and it will be “colder if the fog sticks where you are”.

He said there would be a “significant fog risk” in the southern parts of the country, with the Met Office’s weather warning covering the southwest from Exeter to Oxford, and included the likes of Salisbury and Bath, as well as ” thickening cloud “.

Gritters battled icy roads overnight with the freezing winter continuing

“On Tuesday, pretty gray prospects for one reason or another before, whether it’s the fog or the cloud heading north,” added Powell.

Monday saw the highest blood pressure in the UK for over 60 years, according to the Met Office.

A reading of 1050.5 hectoPascals (hPa) was recorded at the Mumbles in Swansea, Wales on Sunday evening, making it the highest reading in the United Kingdom since January 1957.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for fog

The outlook for this week is “rather boring” as the UK experiences lower temperatures than Iceland

The current highest pressure recorded in the United Kingdom is 1053.6 hPa, taken in Aberdeen on January 31, 1902, which according to the Met Office is unlikely to break in the current period of time.

Low pressure leads to unstable weather conditions and high pressure generally leads to regular and fine weather conditions.

However, high pressure in winter leads to cold and dry days, with light winds and frost at night if the sky is clear.

Met office meteorologist Nicola Maxey said the high pressure spell isn’t tied to Storm Brendan, which caused chaos while traveling to the UK early last week.

Police warned motorists to drive very slowly on roads that are expected to be icy

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5-day weather forecast in the UK


Fog and freezing fog areas in Wales and southern England are slowly rising today. Cloudy for most of the rest of the country with light rain in the northwest. Eastern Scotland and northeastern England see some good periods of sunshine.


Fog forming in the far south tonight, which gradually clears up later in the night. Cloudy for the most part although eastern Scotland and northeastern England see good clear spells. Frost in the south.


Cloudy but dry for the most part, some light rain in places mainly on the western hills. Eastern Scotland and northeastern England see some sunny spells. Slightly higher temperatures than Tuesday.

Outlook from Thursday to Saturday:

Variable cloud, with some fog or drizzle in the south. More windy with rain sometimes north. Rain sometimes Saturday, heavier in the north. Possible galaxies here later.


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