Weather warnings have been issued as snow, wind, rain and snow hit most of the UK.

The Met Office has installed four weather alerts for Saturday, as it is expected that a wet, cold and stormy weather will sweep across the country.

On Friday, there was a wind alert until 3pm as gusts of up to 65km / h occurred in the East Midlands, North East and Yorkshire and Humber.

Throughout much of the country, a separate alert for severe storms exists by Saturday night, and coastal communities are warned of spray and big waves.

In the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland on Saturday until 21 clock a weather warning exists, could fall to 20 cm.

Forecasts have also warned of heavy, prolonged rains in the north of England and Wales for most of Saturday, which can lead to floods.

There was some speculation that the bad weather spell could be called Storm Hannah, but the Met Office has yet to do that.

Temperatures are expected to be cold in most places, especially at night, on weekends, before warming up next week.

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Met spokeswoman Nicola Maxey told The Independent: "Temperatures will be very different at the weekend. If you look at the temperatures in Glasgow, you will be at 4-5 ° C, but in London you will probably see fairly warm temperatures of 13-15 ° C.

"Wherever there is snow, temperatures will get colder, but it will melt pretty quickly.

"Saturday night into Sunday, it will be ice cold and just below in many places, and even Sunday night and Monday night will be cold.

"Saturday night in London it will be about 2-3 degrees Celsius, but further north in Newcastle the temperatures will be around freezing and sporadic spots will be brought to -2 degrees Celsius."

Ms. Maxey said temperatures could be even lower in the more exposed rural areas.

She added, "In the coming week, temperatures are starting to warm slightly above average.

"Temperatures are starting to rise in the middle of next week, it will certainly be warmer and could be warm for the season."