UN regrets “world divide” is worsening Covid-19 pandemic

The general secretary of the HIM-HER-IT, António Guterres, lamented that more could have been done if countries had worked together to combat the pandemic of the coronavirus.

He warned that more than 100 million people could be forced into poverty and hunger due to a lack of international “unity.”

“The pandemic of Covid-19 It is a great challenge for the entire international community, for multilateralism and for me, as Secretary General of the United Nations (…) Unfortunately it is a test that, until now, the international community has not passed, ”said Guterres.

Meanwhile, the global cases of Covid-19 They have exceeded 39 million today, adding a million more than just four days ago. In addition to the fact that the spread of the coronavirus continues, the detection capacity has multiplied in the world, causing them to find positives that previously went unnoticed.

In the last 24 hours, 234 thousand 58 additional cases were reported, according to statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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The daily deaths were 4,489, with which the total number of deaths per Covid-19 they add up to one thousand 99 million.

Despite having been immersed in this health crisis for months, the United States has not been able to reduce the circulation of the virus and in the last day has registered 63 thousand new cases.

India is the second country where the pandemic increases the most, with more than 62,200 cases in 24 hours.

With 30 thousand cases a day, France has become the third country with the highest increase in daily cases, which has forced drastic measures, such as the imposition of a curfew in Paris and other large cities.

Eastern European countries have entered for the first time in nine months of pandemic in the section of states with the highest number of daily cases: the Czech Republic with more than 9,700 cases, and Poland, with more than 8,000 in a single day .



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