Una Champions sin VAR

The Barça could not revalidate his crown in the UEFA Futsal Champions League after falling in the grand final against a combative Sporting CP (3-4). The Catalans were clearly outmatched in the second half and were left on the verge of a new continental title, in a match that once again revealed the lack of UEFA towards futsal.

The highest European football organization did not enable the WHERE in all the Zadar Final 8, something incomprehensible considering that the Champions League It is the most important club competition under their umbrella, and in the final there was a controversy in which I am sure that from the Barça bench they would have asked for a review to correct a decision by the referees.

It was the 11th minute of the game, with 1-0 for the Catalans on the scoreboard after the early goal of Marcenio, when Ferrao was clearly and manifestly seized by the Portuguese Erick, his inseparable dance partner. The Brazilian pivot of Barça ended up on the ground inside the area and the penalty was clear, but the referees Nikola Jelic Y Borislav Kolev they did not whistle anything. While it is true that more contacts are allowed in Europe, the infringement of Erick on Ferrao there was no room for doubt and the maximum penalty had to be pointed out.

It seems incredible that at this point in the film there is no WHERE on the Champions futsal, when in the final stages of Spanish competitions it is enabled. The operation is more than simple: each of the coaches has an opportunity to request a review of a play throughout the game. In the event that the referee’s decision is rectified, the team will maintain that review option. If not, you will lose it. In addition, the referee himself can also go to the video in case of doubt. Without going any further, in the past Spain Supercup
Didac Plana was expelled after Tino Perez, coach of Movistar Inter, asked for a review of a play in which the Barça goalkeeper had touched the ball with his hand outside the area.

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An entity like UEFA it has to ensure transparency and the use of video refereeing should be a priority for next season’s edition. It would be one more step for futsal to continue to grow and adapt to the new times, without losing its essence. In football, it has already been shown that video refereeing is a very useful tool and that it helps referees to make the best possible decision, thanks to seeing controversial replays from almost every possible angle. There is work to be done in the UEFA so that futsal is the most fair and attractive. A Champions League without WHERE it cannot be held again.

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