Underwater tunnel, post-Brexit option to connect UK and Northern Ireland

A underwater tunnel Come in UK e North Ireland could be the solution to the problems that the Brexi has brought for him trade between both nations, if the project for the mega work is approved.

After finalizing the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union this year, one of the biggest problems is the exchange of products and services with the part of independent Ireland.

Those born in North IrelandAs the BBC notes, they are recognized as Irish and British citizens, but unlike the UK, of which they are also a part, Northern Irishmen can also choose to be European citizens.

In addition, those who have an Irish passport may continue to enjoy the right to free movement in all the countries of the European Union to work, study or carry out any activity, but trade is different.

Companies from the United Kingdom (made up of England, Wales and Scotland) and from the EU They will be able to continue selling their products without export fees being applied, but this does not include North Ireland, which will remain in the single European goods market to prevent the so-called “hard border” with the Republic of Ireland.

Therefore, the tunnel dubbed “Boris’ Borrow” would be similar in length to the Channel Tunnel, starting at Stranraer, Scotland, ending at Larne, Northern Ireland, The Telegraph reports.

They study tunnel viability

Currently Network Rail President Peter Hendy is conducting studies to understand whether the tunnel 40 kilometers would be possible.

He has already met with the Prime Minister to discuss his findings and his report is expected to be released in a matter of weeks.

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It is believed to have been inspired by the Channel Tunnel, which connects the UK and France, which has capacity for trains, cars and HGVS, reports The Times.

The construction of a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland has also been considered, but the tunnel is expected to be cheaper to build.

Tensions have been mounting since the Brexit transition period came to an end over the New Year, and the EU subsequently introduced controls on cargo entering Northern Ireland by ferry, disrupting its trade with the UK.

As part of the Brexit negotiations, the UK and the EU agreed on the protocol of North Ireland, which is designed to avoid the need for a border on the island of Ireland.

But this has led to disruptions for goods crossing the Irish Sea, with new controls imposed on those who move from Britain to the province.

Since the deals went into effect on January 1, supermarkets have reported empty shelves, while concerns have been raised that Northern Ireland’s place within the UK is being undermined. The Truth News.

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