Undeterred! These are the reasons why Marbelle decided to leave Colombia

Colombia.- The queen of the techno-rail Marbelle He had an interview with the program ‘I know everything’, where he previously worked, and said that he is already packing to travel abroad, in addition to hoping that the trip will take place soon. Apparently it is definitive that the singer is going to move to another country, and this is due to the professional career of her husband, the famous Colombian footballer Sebastián Salazar, who has been 15 years old.

In dialogue with the Channel 1 program, the singer affirmed that she was working very judiciously to be able to leave with her partner, the soccer player Sebastián Salazar, who has already terminated his contract with Santa Fe. She also stated that her priority is to free her daughter Rafaella so that she can take off in her artistic career as the 18-year-old teenager shows a talent for singing, like her mother.

Sebastian Salazar is already part of the Brazilian Goiás team, as demonstrated by some images of the training that the team shared in Instagram; where you see the athlete adapting to the new team. The city of Goânia, which is located near Brasilia, is where Marbelle has chosen to move, who has chosen to stay with her partner, with whom she has been for five years.

The interpreter of ‘Necklace of pearls’ said that she would do everything possible to arrive at the same time as her partner: “I am working very judiciously at this time so that we can leave, hopefully together and if we do not move forward and detracto I will go” but, apparently, they have not arrived together, so they will surely meet at another time while the footballer prepares to have a good performance in his new stage.

The singer will soon have to say goodbye to her two daughters in order to start this new stage abroad, where she will surely succeed thanks to the talent and hard work capacity that characterizes the valluna, which is much loved in Colombia for its popularity in the world. Techno-rail genre, where it has numerous hits that have marked the lives of its fans.

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