Unión and Colón already have rivals for the return of football – La Central Deportiva

This Friday the draw for the areas of the cup corresponding to the Professional Football League was carried out. The local tournament will return on Friday, October 30. And the conformation of the groups for Tatengues and Sabaleros did not fall badly.

Union integrates Group 1, along with Racing, Arsenal and Atlético Tucumán.

ColonIn Group 2, they will face Independiente, Defensa y Justicia and Central Córdoba.

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The rivals did not fall badly because most of them compete in the international cups, diverting their attention to the continental competitions.

Unión is a very renewed team. Many starting players left for much of the previous season (such as Bottinelli, Bonifacio, Milo, Méndez, Elías, Mazzola and Bou), among others.

Some interesting players arrived – Nery Laws and Fernando Márquez, the most renowned ones – and others to stimulate the competition of the team – Jonathan Galván, Matías Nani, Marco Borgnino, Daniel Juárez, Pablo Calderón, Pablo Palacio, Juan Manuel García-.

In addition, and that does not seem like little, he has a new coach, after Leonardo Madelón’s departure: Juan Manuel Azconzábal.

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This renovated Union, it should be remembered, must face the second phase of the South American Cup. In that sense, next Friday, October 23, he will meet the rival he will face during the last week of this month and the first of November.

At the national level, it will share an area with a team that plays Copa Libertadores (Racing), another that participates in the Copa Sudamericana (Atlético Tucumán) and Arsenal, having a good campaign until the season stopped in March.

The last official match of the Union was against Arsenal, on March 15 as part of the first date of the Super League Cup. Coincidentally, the return will be against the same rival in Santa Fe, in the Professional Soccer League Cup. Then, he will play at home again against Racing.


DATE 1: Union-Arsenal

DATE 2: Union-Racing

DATE 3: Atlético Tucumán-Unión

DATE 4: Arsenal-Union

DATE 5: Racing-Union

DATE 6: Union-Atlético Tucumán

For its part, Colon He also shares a group with rivals who compete in international competitions. Independiente plays Copa Sudamericana and Defense and Justice Copa Libertadores (you can also play Sudamericana). Complete the Central Córdoba area of ​​Santiago del Estero, with an almost new campus.

Colón, far from the prominence he had last year, was fighting for permanence when the season was cut short and relegation was suspended, thus allowing the squad to be “cleaned up.” This year he does not play South American, but he does play the Argentine Cup, a contest in which he has not yet debuted and must face Cipolletti from Río Negro.

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Several heavyweights left the Sabalero and the new faces are not many so far.

They walked away: Gastón Díaz, Damián Schmidt, Rafael García, Matías Fritzler, Guillermo Celis, Fernando Zuqui, Marcelo Estigarribia, Gabriel Esparza, Braian Galván, Mauro Da Luz.

Gonzalo Piovi (Defense and Justice) and Yeiler Góez (Atl. Nacional de Medellín) arrived to join.

El Sabalero, who played his last official away game on March 16 against Rosario Central, will make his debut as a visitor in Florencio Varela against Defensa y Justicia in the Professional Soccer League Cup.


DATE 1: Defense and Justice-Colon

DATE 2: Independent-Colon

DATE 3: Colón-Central Córdoba

DATE 4: Colon-Defense and Justice

DATE 5: Colon-Independent

DATE 6: Central Córdoba-Colón

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