Union beat Arsenal and left Racing without the Championship Zone

Unión achieved its second success in the contest, with two conquests by Juan Manuel García (Pt. 43m. And St. 26m.), In addition to a conversion against his fence by Jhonatan Candia (St. 10m.).

The Uruguayan himself Candia (Pt. 36m.) And Mateo Carabajal (St. 34m.) Scored for the team led by Sergio Rondina, which continues with 4 points in the standings.

With this victory, Unión reached 7 units and was the only escort for the leader Atlético Tucumán (12). For its part, Racing (0) has already been eliminated from the fight for the Championship zone and must act in the phase that has been designated as Complementation.

Arsenal was better during the initial 45 minutes, in which it made weigh a better collective performance against the youthful ‘rojiblancos’. Is that Juninense coach Juan Manuel Azconzábal preserved headlines for Tuesday’s match against Bahia, in Brazil, for the first leg of one of the round of 16 series of the Copa Sudamericana.

Thus, the Uruguayan Candia, one of the most active, starred in an excellent definition, after a pass from Jesús Soraire, and overtook the local eleven (36m.).

However, football as a ‘dynamic of the unthinkable’ gave one more dragee almost to the end of the stage (43m.), When García took advantage of a mistake by goalkeeper Gagliardo and established equality in the visitor’s only attack maneuver.

Just started the second half, Union hit again, after taking income from a stopped ball play. A corner kick from Elizari was combed at the near post by Candia, who beat her own goalkeeper and scored the 1-2 for ‘Tatengue’ (10m.).

That moment of bewilderment that the cast of Rondina lived allowed Unión to consolidate the advantage, when the kid Kevin Zenón enabled García and the scorer complied with the so-called ‘Law of the ex’ (26m.).

The Santa Fe team were left with ten men due to the expulsion of Leonel Bucca (31m.) And the onslaught of his local pair allowed the discount (34m.), When Carabajal, after a series of rebounds, sent the ball to the back of the goal .

On the closing, Arsenal tried and sought equality, but lacked clarity and depth to level a game in which they paid dearly for their mistakes.

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