Union beat Arsenal

With this result Racing Club de Avellaneda was eliminated from the competition. Uruguayan striker Jhonatan Candia, 36 minutes into the first half, opened the scoring, while Juan Manuel García, at 42 in the same period, leveled the actions for Azconzábal’s team.

Already in the complement, the aforementioned Candia at 10 minutes, this time against his fence, put the “Tatengue” ahead, while again Garcia, at 26, made more difference for the Santa Fe team. Mateo Carabajal, at 34 minutes, discounted and gave final figures to the scorekeeper.

Union ended the match with ten players by the expulsion of Leonel Bucca, at 31 of the complement. In the middle of a smooth procedure, the visiting team was somewhat more compact and was awarded the three points with absolute justice.

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