UniportBilbao pays attention to services with the United Kingdom on its website |

The website of UniportBilbao has paid attention to services with UK on its website adding a window for carriers, customs representatives, as well as exporters and importers that trade with that country. The objective of the maritime enclosure is to help workers deal with the changes that Brexit implies in operations.

The new space offers information of interest on maritime services and regular lines from the Bilbao enclave, as well as the possibility of carrying out specific searches for accompanied or unaccompanied, container and conventional trailers.

Likewise, the website shows references on work protocols, services for customs clearance, advice and other border procedures, in addition to services for carriers.

UniportBilbao has been concerned with detailing the Incoterms 2020 and is complemented by the conferences and seminars on Brexit, which are held by different entities that deserve interest in their content. All the data is available in Basque, Spanish and English, even so the associated companies have extended and exclusive content with official information.

Apart from updating its online services to cover current needs, the Port of Bilbao, together with the collaboration of the autonomous administration of the Basque Country, has presented a new support program for the companies that make up the port community.

In the first place, a total of eleven companies will participate in this project, which will have the support of a specialized consultancy that will advise them to determine a series of Corporate Social Responsibility actions.

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