United Kingdom, a bill against photographers of breastfeeding women

It is quite common knowledge that when you become a mother your life is closely linked to the needs of the baby and so if he is hungry and you are in any place other than your home. Many times this implies that some women find themselves in a public place while breastfeeding under the gaze, at times, curious and controversy of other people who in some cases take the liberty of photographing such an intimate moment.

“Stop the Breast Pest”, a campaign that protects women while breastfeeding in public

A similar thing happened to the British Labor MP Stella Creasy, when, before the lockdown, she was in a train car with her 4-month-old son in north London and while she was breastfeeding him, she noticed a boy taking pictures with his mobile phone. The woman said she felt exposed and quite vulnerable and therefore got off the train she was traveling on.

Since then, the parliamentarian has launched the campaign Stop the Breast Pest“To ensure that a law is instituted that can punish those who take pictures without permission of women / mothers who breastfeed their baby in a public place. At his side in this path there is Jeff Smith, Labor MP.

The Creasy e Smith were also contacted by another woman, Julia Cooper, who had the same experience. In fact, she said that a man photographed her, connecting a telephoto lens to the camera, while she was breastfeeding her son along with other mothers in Sale Water Park. When the woman asked him to delete the photos, he refused as he claimed he was entitled to them since they were in a public place.

A look at the other states

Since it is not a crime, therefore, those who want can photograph women breastfeeding their children in public, without considering however that that gesture can create embarrassment to a woman who is only feeding her baby. Exactly for this reason, Stella Creasy he threw “Stop the Breast Pest“.

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Surely the law is far behind in England but already in the past the British had encountered such problems when, even, it was not possible to breastfeed inside the premises, all overcome with the arrival ofEquality Act which since 2010 has made discrimination against breastfeeding mothers illegal. In Italy there are no laws while for example in Denmark restaurateurs can prohibit customers from breastfeeding in public and even kick them out if they don’t respect the rules.


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