United Kingdom: all ambassadors replaced by female ambassadors

“Congratulations to the British for choosing to appoint women ambassadors in all of these countries, including the G7 countries, permanent members of the Security Council and to NATO,” responded Women and Diplomacy, l association of women in connection with the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. And one of the main concerned, Menna Rawlings, ambassador in Paris who will succeed 43 men in this post, to rejoice : “I am delighted to be the next UK Ambassador to France, the first woman in this role.”

“For a long time, London tended to take pride in the prejudices of other countries, arguing that a woman could not work effectively,” laments the Times, which sees this as an exciting change in mentalities, such as assignments, especially when one knows that British women have only enjoyed a degree of freedom as diplomats for a little over forty years. Until 1973, a national law for example obliged female diplomats “to return to the United Kingdom in the event of the birth of a child”, explains the media, and thus to resign from their post. Choose between being a mother or a politician.

This is to say if there is a lot to rectify to (really) move the lines.

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