United Kingdom: Coronavirus emergency law will become law in a few days News about the coronavirus pandemic

The upper house of the UK parliament has been approved emergency legislation designed to help the government deal with the coronavirus epidemic, paving the way for the far-reaching bill to become law.

Wednesday’s development paves the way for laws that create temporary powers in different areas, from giving police and immigration officers the ability to retain people to protect public health, allowing people to quit their jobs to volunteer in the Service. national health.


Having been approved by the lower house elected by parliament earlier this week, the bill now requires only the real consensus stamp before it officially becomes law.

The 329-page urgent bill, which faced little opposition, is expected to become law within the week.

Labor opposition party Lord Falconer of Thoroton claimed to support the powers.

“In normal times it would be absolutely unacceptable. These are not normal times.

“As long as the emergency lasts and these powers are needed, they should be available to the government.”

In recent interviews with Al Jazeera, human rights experts said that draconian measures to contain the spread of coronavirus were understandable in the short term, although they limited civil liberties, but warned global governments not to abuse their powers.

Al Jazeera and news agencies

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