United Kingdom opens the door to the covid passport

United Kingdom opens the door to the covid passport

Thursday, April 8, 2021

After months of restrictions, the UK would gradually return to normal. The country has pinned its hopes on the massive vaccination campaign. And for the British who want to go on vacation abroad this summer, Prime Minister Boris Johnson (1964) will present a traffic light that classifies countries according to vaccination progress or infection rate. (NC)

Another company that goes online
With the third peak of the pandemic showing that even face-to-face activities are at risk from closures and restrictive measures, companies are developing their e-commerce channel. The one that will soon launch its platform in the country will be the Mary Kay cosmetics firm that works under the catalog sales model. (GF)

El Nogal has a new board
The El Nogal Club approved its new board of directors for the period 2021-2023, where Rafael Blanco Alviar continues to lead the organization, which as president has had to lead the changes brought about by the pandemic. Among the main members were Raúl Grisales, Efraín Fierro Jensen, Kazys Volgulys, Daniel Pechman and Jorge Eduardo Salazar Aristizábal. (LM)

Foreigners leave the local bag
Interest in investing in emerging markets appears to be declining. According to the purchases and sales of shares reported by the Colombian Stock Exchange, in March, foreign investors continued to leave the local market for a net amount of $ 360,017 million. Its total flows represented 35% of those of the month and its participation was 5% higher than in February. (HM)

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The strangest digital currencies
Although bitcoin and ethereum are the best known cryptocurrencies, there is a very broad portfolio of digital assets. For this reason, the ChangeNow platform made a list that collects the strangest digital currencies. The ranking is headed by MonaCoin, a currency for cat lovers, and Potcoin, created as a solution to banking problems for the legal marijuana industry. (TA)

The middle class was the most affected
In the midst of the pandemic, analyzes continue on the economic impact it has had on people’s pockets. Accounts highlighted by Bloomberg estimate that 150 million people worldwide slipped down the economic ladder, the first setback in nearly three decades. South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa experienced the largest declines, with declines of more than 30%. (CR)

Cities where more sport is done
Playing sports has become an escape route in the midst of the pandemic. According to the Dane, almost three out of 10 people did some physical activity to feel better. Those who said they practice the most are the people of Pasto (57.4%), Sincelejo (39.6%) and Cartagena (38.1%). They are followed by Montería and Bogotá, with 38% in both cases. (nc)

Kika Vargas goes for an LVMH Prize

Luxury home conglomerate Louis Vuitton published semi-finalists for the ‘LVMH Prize’; An award to recognize the best designers in the world, the Colombian businesswoman Kika Vargas has just classified there. The creative with more than a decade of experience has already passed the first filter in which there were 1,900 participants from all over the world; he is now in a small final group of 20 people. (JL)

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