The snow and sleet hit parts of Wales on Saturday after torrential rains caused devastating floods and mudslides across the UK on Thursday and Friday. Temperatures dropped to -7 ° C as the country tried to recover from the "biblical floods" that hit the UK. Seven severe flood warnings have been put in place, which means that floods are a life-threatening hazard. But what is the last on the harsh climate in the UK?

The Met Office issued two rain weather warnings for Saturday.

The first covers eastern Ireland and the second south of England, from Oxford to Brighton.

The warnings read as follows: "Heavy rains can disrupt flooding.

"Houses and businesses could be flooded, damaging some buildings.

"Delays or cancellations of train and bus services are possible.

"Spraying and flooding could lead to difficult driving conditions and the closure of some roads.

"Some communities may be isolated by flooded roads.

"Possibility of power cuts and loss of other services in some homes and businesses."

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The snow and cold come after parts of Britain have struggled to cope with the massive damage caused by the heavy rains that have hit the whole of Britain.

Torrential rains, severe floods and subsequent landslides resulted in the death of a woman who was carried away by fire in Derbyshire after the area was hit by a month of rain in just 24 hours.

His body was later found in the Derwent River on Friday after being swept by the flood waters.

A Derbyshire police spokesman said, "The body of a woman was found in floodwaters at Darley Dale.

"The woman was reportedly swept away by the floodwaters at Rowsley and the body of what is believed to be the same woman was found at Darley Dale and was found at 10:40."

In total, over 400 homes were evacuated while entire streets were flooded with floodwaters.

A large-scale clean-up operation is now underway in the region as melting snow and snow hit the coastal areas of North Wales.

The snow has caused chaos on traffic on the roads. The A458 was blocked in Llangadfan, heavy snow making the road "impassable".

Social media users shared images and images of the snow as the trip disrupted their weekend plans.

Welsh police chiefs urged motorists to pay attention on snowy roads.

In a police statement, it reads, "Know that the A470 through Bwlch Oerddrws pass is dangerous this morning because of the snow. Please take care while driving. "