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The powerful UK outbound tourism industry is asking its government for greater certainty in planning the resumption of travel abroad. Although he appreciates the announcement of the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who on April 5 confirmed that it will be possible to travel from May 17, considers the information provided insufficient (The British, free to travel from May 17).

In the words of the executive president of the British Association of Travel Agencies (ABTA), Mark Tanzer, the tourist take-off will only take place if “a more stable system is created that avoids the situation of last summer, when trips to many destinations were activated and they quickly deactivated ”(Germany versus UK: efficiency and sanity in the face of incomprehensible lurching).

As this digital news revealed then, the Johnson Executive’s lurch, imposing vetoes on destinations overnight, plunged the country’s tourism actors into chaos. This policy wiped out little hope of saving the summer season and had a devastating effect on the already battered broadcast tourism industry, which suffered a barrage of cancellations.

Therefore, ABTA considers it “vital” that the UK government “clarify how the transition between the green, amber and red levels will work, both to help travel companies plan ahead and to provide peace of mind to travelers” . “Destinations should not be closed suddenly,” exclaims its president.

In this line, it demands that it be allowed to travel with total freedom to those destinations with low risk of Covid-19. “Currently, the cost of testing is an impediment for many UK travelers, so the Government must ensure that testing is only required when justified by the public health risk and that a cost-effective and efficient regimen is in place. ”, He concludes.

As published preferente.com, an IATA report revealed that a family of four who intends to travel from the United Kingdom to the Canary Islands would have to undergo 16 PCR tests, at a total cost of 1,600 pounds or 1,850 euros. It is 160% more than what the four plane tickets are worth, so the requirement of them “completely alters the investment necessary to travel” (The antigen tests, valid for everything except tourism).

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